Committee NameDescription
Socialists of ColorA committee open exclusively to our members of colors as a space to meet and discuss intersectional issues and more!
CAPS Campaign CommitteeDuring the school year we engage in political campaigns to win real change for students, workers, and community members. As of August 2021, UVA YDSA has chosen to pursue the CAPS campaign as our main focus for the 2021-2022 school year! This committee is aiming to reform the mental health system at the University.
Administrative Committee (AdCom)A group of members volunteering by doing administrative tasks to help keep the organization running! Here is a more in-depth description of what we do including our task list and our infrastructure.
EcosocialistsThe Ecosocialist Committee are dedicated to saving the environment by advocating for the Green New Deal, spreading awareness about ecosocialism, and more.
Political EducationPolitical Education hosts educational events on a variety of topics relating to Socialism in order to spread awareness and educate others on relevant topics.

To join these committees make sure that you checked them off when filling out the member survey! Otherwise, contact for more information.