What is Socialism?

Socialism: a theory of the world which holds that the working-class should have political, economic, and social control. It sees the working-class as the agents of change necessary to bring about an equal, anti-racist, anti-patriarchal society.

A great resource linked above on the national YDSA website to learn more about Socialism!

Activism vs. Organizing

One of the most important tenants of socialism is mass action. According to the Theory of Power, by organizing together we can effectively institute radical change in our communities. Socialism is something we do together, not something you are.

  • Advocacy (liberal activism): a reliance on professionals and professional organizations
  • Mobilizing (progressive or ultraleftist activism): a reliance on dedicated activists, especially when led by professional organizations
  • Organizing (our theory of power): using our power as ordinary people to force change

Some well known socialists: